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19 Animals By Hillview Dynamo SP5
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Hillview Wilma 12798 Hillview Daisy May Lucifer C Red 02/04/2002 Robert Heath
Hillview Betty 12799 Hillview Daren Jane C Black 02/12/2002 Robert Heath
Rock N' Oakley 13025 Rock N' Oaks Buttercup B Black 02/16/2002 Enid Davis Barbara Petroff
Photo Available Hillview Red Wing 12899 HV Saltaire Susie B Red 02/18/2002 Clarence Howell 146
Belle Fourche Nicole 13227 Belle Fourche Amber C Black 03/04/2002 Gabriella Nanci Eva Siegel
Belle Fourche Patrick 13226 Belle Fourche Marigold B Black 03/17/2002 Gabriella Nanci Thomas St. Peter 1
Photo Available Hillview April 12891 Ida-J-Mar Mallard C Black 04/21/2002 Karin McAleese
Hillview B&B Dynamo Jr 12890 Belle Fourche Delilah B Black 05/14/2002 Barbara Petroff
Quailgate Fergie 14478 Hillview Princess SP7 C Black 07/02/2002 Tom Kraai Gabriella Nanci 9
Photo Available Hillview Ellie P 13207 Hillview Oleander C Black 08/04/2002 Clay & Patti Adams 9
Belle Fourche Beau 13787 Belle Fourche Patience S Black 03/16/2003 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
Belle Fourche Blossom 14247 Rock N' Oaks Peaches C Black 09/27/2003 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
Hillview Sara P 14799 Hillview Sally C Black 11/04/2003 Stefani & Chris Millman 7
Belle Fourche Majesty 14568 Kilcreag Farm Alice C Black 12/22/2003 Gabriella Nanci
Hillview DJ Baxter 15271 Hillview Daren Jane B Black 02/08/2004 Nikki Kemp 3
Nacho 15364 Ida-J-Mar Mallard B Black 03/28/2004
Hillview Ida May P 15218 Hillview Ida C Black 05/25/2004 1
Photo Available Wakarusa HD Dudley 018200 Rock N' Oaks Megan S Black 04/22/2006 Clay & Patti Adams Clay & Patti Adams
Hillview DJ Baxter P201032 Hillview Daren Jane S Unknown

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