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14 Animals By SMS Goodman
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
MornStar Murphey 13506 Miss Snowbird Iris B Dun 02/24/2003 Pamela Malcuit Pamela Malcuit
MornStar Treasa 13640 Three F's Edna C Dun 03/16/2003 Pamela Malcuit Jan Schneider 5
MornStar Pegeen 13831 RD Gypsy Girl C Dun 05/31/2003 Pamela Malcuit Richard Owens
MornStar Dermot 14404 Crescents Royal Becky B Dun 10/04/2003 Pamela Malcuit Sharon McCallister
MornStar Gareth 14405 Bar None's Padraigin B Dun 10/10/2003 Pamela Malcuit Pamela Malcuit
Photo Available MornStar Rory 15365 Three F's Edna S Dun 03/16/2004 Pamela Malcuit
MornStar Adelaidec 15366 Miss Snowbird Iris C Dun 03/24/2004 Pamela Malcuit David Waits 1
MornStar Finbar 15375 RD Gypsy Girl B Dun 04/27/2004 Pamela Malcuit Pamela Malcuit
MornStar Morris 15379 Bar None's Rionach B Dun 05/20/2004 Pamela Malcuit Barbara Marfell 7
MornStar Breandan 016362 Bar None's Rionach B Dun 10/24/2004 Pamela Malcuit Ned/Barby Stewart
MornStar Fionnuala 15902 Bar None's Padraigin C Dun 11/26/2004 Pamela Malcuit Henry Grosch
MornStar Kenna 016481 Bar None's Laoise C Black 03/31/2005 Pamela Malcuit Larry/Carole Baumgardner
MornStar Keara 016482 Bar None's Rionach C Dun 04/17/2005 Pamela Malcuit Nicola/Kent Ladkin/Hicks 1
MornStar Kacey 016478 Miss Snowbird Iris C Dun 04/21/2005 Pamela Malcuit Scott/Tricia Walenta

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