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7 Animals Out Of Rainbow Hills Black Lady
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available SMD Vela Navis 12118 Lucifer of Knotting C Black 07/18/2001 Jeff Chambers Jeff Chambers 8
Photo Available SMD Menikar Ceti 13067 Rainbow Hills Big Mac C Black 07/02/2002 Jeff Chambers Jeff Chambers 5
JRH Cassie 017368 Rainbow Hills Big Mac C Black 03/22/2004 Frank/Jaci Rice Frank/Jaci Rice
Photo Available JRH Tequila 017369 Thomas' Magic Pride C Black 12/13/2005 Frank/Jaci Rice Greg & George Dickens 8
JRH Hershey 021624 SMD Anoran Flaith C Dun 02/14/2008 Frank/Jaci Rice Pete & Kristi Mogen 4
Photo Available JRH Little Miss Dash 022924 SMD Anoran Flaith C Black 03/05/2009 Frank/Jaci Rice Chris & Vicki Jones 5
JRH Molly 027069 SMD Anoran Flaith C Dun 05/25/2011 Frank/Jaci Rice Orville & Makayla Seger 1

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