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20 Animals By Euchee Creek's Red Aedan
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Euchee Creek's Red Samuel 040749 Sant'Angelo Red Sara B Red 12/23/2016 Don & Sheila Farris Paula J Breedlove 1
KF Maria 041924 WD Oaklee C Black 02/08/2017 Cooper Kline Conner Holman
Euchee Creek's Red Hallelujah 041137 Euchee Creek's Red Happy C Red 02/10/2017 Don & Sheila Farris Don & Sheila Farris 1
Euchee Creek's Red Glory 041127 EE Grace C Red 02/13/2017 Don & Sheila Farris Don & Sheila Farris
Euchee Creek's Red Avery 041126 EE Amber B Red 02/15/2017 Don & Sheila Farris Sheldon Pummel 2
Photo Available Euchee Creek's Reddington 042478 Euchee Creek's Red Sofia B Red 03/05/2017 Don & Sheila Farris Lisa Thompson
WDH Krystal 042216 Ridings Farm Katrina C Black 04/12/2017 Kathy Ryan Kathy Ryan
Euchee Creek's Red Dax 041698 SGF SANT Deri B Red 06/04/2017 Don & Sheila Farris David Jones
Euchee Creek's Red Hooey 042137 Euchee Creek's Red Hattie B Red 08/04/2017 Don & Sheila Farris Mark & Leigh Renn & Anderson
Cimarrons Red Skye 042970 Euchee Creek's Red Sophie C Red 10/27/2017 Robert & Deborah Miller Jerry Buckminster III
Euchee Creek's Farley 043111 Sant'Angelo Red Sara B Red 11/06/2017 Don & Sheila Farris Skip & Connie Tinney
Euchee Creek's Red Arnold 043153 EE Amber S Red 02/08/2018 Don & Sheila Farris James & Karen Dellinger
Euchee Creek's Red Grant 043154 EE Grace B Red 02/16/2018 Don & Sheila Farris James & Karen Dellinger
Euchee Creek's Ruby 043373 T3 Daire C Red 03/01/2018 Don & Sheila Farris Shawn Haring
Euchee Creek's Red Ryder 043307 T3 Adaire B Red 03/19/2018 Don & Sheila Farris Dale Baltrus
WDH Kane 044393 Ridings Farm Katrina B Red 03/25/2018 Kathy Ryan Kathy Ryan
WDH Layla 044394 Rowan Ranch Lucy Star C Red 04/08/2018 Kathy Ryan Kathy Ryan
New Day Darlin Mary 043870 Cisco Chief Denali C Red 05/04/2018 Paula J Breedlove Paula J Breedlove
Euchee Creek's Red Daniel 043545 SGF SANT Deri B Red 05/06/2018 Don & Sheila Farris Danny Lemley
Euchee Creek's Red Halo 043749 Euchee Creek's Red Hattie C Red 06/12/2018 Don & Sheila Farris Don & Sheila Farris

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