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78 Animals By FF Freedom's Galaxy
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Name ADCA# Dam Sorted by GenderGender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
FF Ace 038391 DunZ Shadow B Red 06/27/2015 Warren & Sally Coad Justin Scherer 2
FF Freedom's All Jacked Up 043104 FF I'm Here For The Party B Red 01/27/2018 Warren & Sally Coad Priscilla Freeman
FF Freedom's Apollo 042570 FF BeaverTree's Torrid B Red 07/01/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Cindy Boyd
FF Freedom's Armani 043710 FF Jasmine In My Mind B Red 06/10/2018 Warren & Sally Coad Micah Wiles
FF Freedom's Churchill 040048 FF Tiara B Dun 09/06/2016 Warren & Sally Coad Anna Mentjes
FF Freedom's Dustin The Wind 041371 FF Summer Breeze B Red 04/07/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Cliff Peter
FF Freedom's Garrett 044381 FF Gladys B Dun 07/01/2018 Warren & Sally Coad Daniel & Jill Gurley
FF Freedom's Gold Brick 041585 FF Lil Bit O'Bliss B Red 04/17/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Andi Harper
FF Freedom's Gordon 042586 FF Gladys B Red 08/14/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Ron & Shirley Adams
FF Freedom's Independence 041887 FF Ebony Rose B Black 07/04/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad
FF Freedom's Jet Black 040089 Dolly's Molly B Black 08/14/2016 Warren & Sally Coad Patricia R Cordell 2
FF Freedom's Limited Edition 041588 Masters Touch Eve B Red 05/07/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Jerry Cansler
FF Freedom's One Bud Wiser 041222 FF I'm Here For The Party B Red 03/10/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Jerry Chang
FF Freedom's Point Blank 041586 FF Blessed Be B Red 05/18/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Cliff Peter
FF Kozmic Blues 042014 Outlaw Annabell B Dun 06/20/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Grover & Teresa Coggins
RHV Red Cloud 044434 RHV Lady Jane B Red 04/14/2018 Roland Vaughan Roland Vaughan
DunZ Vixen 043152 Sunn-D My Gal Friday C Red 12/23/2017 Allen Dunse Allen Dunse
FF A Chorus Line 042306 FF Millicent C Red 09/16/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Business Lensman Farms
FF Abricadabra 042123 FF Piffany C Dun 08/12/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Steve & Susan Albritton
FF Ain't I Fancy! 041227 PRF Lost My Sock C Red 03/04/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Steve & Debbie Todd
FF Ain't I Perdy! 043103 PRF Lost My Sock C Red 01/22/2018 Warren & Sally Coad Business Lensman Farms
FF Ain't Misbehavin' 040193 FF Millicent C Red 10/08/2016 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad
FF Angelica Grace 042122 FF Bess' Savin' Grace C Red 08/12/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Ashley & Shannon Hawkins
FF BC Amy 044384 QTM Lucy C Red 02/16/2018 Warren & Sally Coad Tom Maples
FF Beatrice 041885 FF Splash Of Paint C Black 07/15/2017 Warren & Sally Coad Robert & Margaret Cannon

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