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39 Animals By Belle Fourche Lasair
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Name ADCA# Sorted by DamDam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Belle Fourche Girlness 034148 Belle Fourche Baby Pink C Red 09/17/2013 Gabriella Nanci Randy Thompson 2
Belle Fourche Sweet Pea 042903 Belle Fourche Baby Pink C Red 06/30/2017 Gabriella Nanci Jessica Dooley
Photo Available SN LHF's Ruby Love 030439 Belle Fourche Lady Bug C Red 02/08/2013 Susan Jackson Kevin & Holly Dzielak
Belle Fourche Plum Good 029550 Belle Fourche Peach C Red 10/17/2012 Gabriella Nanci Mark & Alexandra Alvis 1
Destiny Valley's Cassidy 043656 Brandenburgs Scarlett Rose B Red 09/08/2017 Mike & Kelly Brandenburg Mike & Kelly Brandenburg
COR Lasairs' Red Savannah 034336 Daggett's Sunshine C Red 12/10/2013 Donna Jenkins Donna Jenkins
Photo Available Euchee Creek's Red Aedan 036640 EE Amber B Red 03/17/2015 Don & Sheila Farris Jabe Thomas 20
Elemental Taranis 034735 Elemental Gracie B Red 12/26/2013 Tanya & Zan Garcia & Dewar David/Nicole Burk
Brandenburgs Jana 040740 ESF Misty Night C Red 01/01/2017 Pat and Louise Brandenburg Pat and Louise Brandenburg
Aislinn's Feta 038421 Fan-C-Zeta C Black 05/09/2015 Susan French Susan French
NEF Cubs Win At Wrigley 042207 FF Hush Money B Red 11/03/2016 Elizabeth & Robert Stone Elizabeth & Robert Stone
Euchee Creek's Red Hattie 035735 Five Springs Holly C Red 11/17/2014 Don & Sheila Farris Ernie & Holly Lutter 2
Treasure Acres Charlie 040546 FullCircle Lucy B Red 07/17/2016 Daniel & Katharine Kramer Laaci Louderback
Treasure Acres Freedom 042401 FullCircle Lucy S Red 07/07/2017 Daniel & Katharine Kramer Daniel & Katharine Kramer
Ease Charlie 038049 Glenn Land Ms Amelia B Red 05/12/2015 Emily Scully Emily Scully
Wubker's Quentin 042643 Glockenhof's Katie-Bell B Red 07/30/2016 Landon Wubker Miles Stevenson
NRF Mr Celebrity 040805 K Heart Jiggs B Red 05/07/2015 Ken Johns Shelene Mitchell
Aislinn's Red Eoghan 035618 Legend Red Flare B Red 04/21/2014 Susan French Richard Neuvirth 7
LHR April 036988 LHR Amy C Red 04/09/2015 Don & Becky Swisher Don & Becky Swisher 2
LHR Andy 041810 LHR Autumn B Red 05/01/2017 Don & Becky Swisher Don & Becky Swisher
EF Ava 040602 Mammoth Cave's Louise C Red 07/02/2014 Dan & Cindy Edgington Dan & Cindy Edgington 1
EF Ciara 040861 Mammoth Cave's Millie C Black 02/19/2015 Dan & Cindy Edgington Warren & Sally Coad
EF Patrick 039595 Mammoth Cave's Pumpkin B Red 03/21/2015 Dan & Cindy Edgington Robert Padgett
Photo Available LCF Emmy Loo 037035 May Belle of White Rock C Black 04/22/2015 Su Canada Pamela R Polk 2
O'Brien's Bella 042286 Midhill BB C Red 08/17/2016 Chris O'Brien Chris O'Brien

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