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11 Animals By Tuppenny Frank S
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Tuppenny Mouse 021690 Sunovagun's P-Bar Sulu C Black 10/08/2008 Cynthia Williams Ken Johnson
Tuppenny Marry 022855 Thomas' BLZ Red Mousi C Black 10/11/2009 Cynthia Williams Terry Leach
Shenandoah Zeus 036896 FF Skye's The Limit B Black 04/06/2010 Diane Forest Helen Dixon
Masons Keep Redemption 035873 White Rock Blossom C Black 03/13/2011 Robert Peeler Brenda Kettlewell 2
Masons Keep Frazy 025324 Miss Daisy of Dog Run C Black 08/13/2011 Robert Peeler Brenda Kettlewell 1
BarKen's Lily 030230 Chautauqua Lovie C Black 03/26/2012 Ken Johnson Ken Johnson
Masons Keep Junebug 029798 Miss Daisy of Dog Run C Black 06/24/2012 Robert Peeler Brenda Kettlewell
Masons Keep Autumn 033457 OTF's Grace C Black 09/24/2013 Robert Peeler Frank Bredimus
Masons Keep Freba 035889 Tuppenny Reba C Black 07/09/2014 Robert Peeler Cynthia Williams
Masons Keep Memo 036812 Tuppenny Reba C Dun 06/01/2015 Robert Peeler Debbie Holland
Live Oak Farm Coal 041988 Tuppenny Robin B Black 04/08/2017 Business- Live Oak Farm LLC Business- Live Oak Farm LLC

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