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4 Animals Matched Your Search Criteria
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Sorted by NameName ADCA# Sire Dam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner
Bohls Salina Girl 016888 Bohls Mr Moon SJ DS502 C Black 07/17/2005 Steven/Shellie Bohl Robin/Robert Ollendick
Grandma's Rosalina 023816 SGF LCIN Bandit Pryme GDF Rosie C Black 03/23/2010 Dan Butterfield Tim & Joyce Trost
Moosters Salina Surprise 044685 Euchee Creek's Red Sonny Willows Rebecca C Red 06/14/2018 Chris & Vicki Jones Karel & Alice Starek
Talisman Salinas 4451 Talisman Sweet Pea Talisman Georgette C Black 04/08/1990 John Hays Kirk Schultheis

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