Lava of Clove Brook

Lava of Clove Brook

ADCA Reg. No:  4116
Volume:  XIII
Gender:  Bull
Polled:  No
Color: Black
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  11/10/1988
Breeder:  Mabel Ingalls (#751 / 2019)
P. O. Box 91
Salisbury Mills, NY
(914) 496-3826
Owner:  Francis Kellogg (#804 / 2004)
Francis Kellogg
P. O. Box 90
Bedford, NY
(914) 234-3526
Progeny (4)


Lava of Clove Brook
Peerless Hawkeye BlackH
Bruno Hill BlackH Alander Hannibal BlackH Alander Alcan BlackH Hill Herman BlackH
Penny of Melbourne BlackH
Alander Troya BlackH Hill Herman BlackH
Alander Helene BlackH
Alander Ebony BlackH Hill Herman BlackH Hilltop Black Dandy BlackH
Hilltop Carlene BlackH
Lee's Hill Rosita BlackH Lee's Hill Ebony Prince BlackH
Bedford Black Rose BlackH
Peerless Alice BlackH Peerless Captain Echo BlackH Peerless Pirate BlackH Peerless Winston BlackH
Peerless Valentine BlackH
Peerless Puddin BlackH Peerless Perfection II BlackH
Peerless Puddle BlackH Peerless Perfection II BlackH Peerless Perfection BlackH
Peerless Mousie BlackH
Peerless Blossom BlackH Peerless Perfection II BlackH
Peerless Echo Star BlackH
Folly of Clove Brook BlackH
Yom Kippur of Clove Brook BlackH Tory O'Callen BlackH Peerless Ophie BlackH Peerless Perfection II BlackH
Peerless Olene BlackH
Ginger Belle BlackH Windquar Cappy BlackH
Juletta Dee BlackH
Parndon Duchess BlackH Sylvan Ebony BlackH Weatheroak Briar 2nd BlackH
Weatheroak Patsy 5th BlackH
Parndon Musley BlackH Pentre Hobyn Musketeer 2nd Red or DunH
Parndon Ural Owl BlackH
Termite of Clove Brook BlackH Parndon Bullfinch BlackH Parndon Charley Pudding BlackH Round Chimneys Roly Poly BlackH
Parndon Charlotte Red or DunH
Parndon Daffodil BlackH Sylvan Ebony BlackH
Bank Owl of Parndon BlackH
Lee's Hill Stardust BlackH Sir Oswald of Lee's Hill BlackH Atlantic Cornelius BlackH
Atlantic Pheasant 3rd BlackH
Framfield Roda 7th BlackH Laddie of Framfield BlackH
Grinstead Dora 16th BlackH

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