Jubilee Farms Kayla

Jubilee Farms Kayla

ADCA Reg. No:  11879
Volume:  XXV
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Black
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  08/26/2001
Breeder:  Mike Slocum (#1484 / 2002)
825 Co Rd K
Friend, NE
(402) 947-6221
Owner:  Daniel Dempsey (#3468 / 2006)
188 Canaan Rd
Richmond, MA
(413) 698-3414
Progeny (2)


Jubilee Farms Kayla
Rainbow Hills Ryan BlackH
Rainbow Hills Super Sam Red or DunH Beerex's Red Baron Brian Red or DunH Don of Beerex BlackH Yom Kippur of Clove Brook BlackH
South Hollow Farm's Babs BlackH
Ides of Beerex Red or DunH Yom Kippur of Clove Brook BlackH
South Hollow Farm Bonnie BlackH
Willow Creek Ginger BlackH Twainland Abraham BlackH Rocky Brae Clancy BlackH
Reg's Runaway BlackH
Willow Creek Angie BlackH Ike Von Der Vogelweide BlackH
Willow Creek Cricket BlackH
"RR" Daisy BlackH Seven C's Black Bart BlackH Manitou P-Bar Toby BlackH Cranworth Toby BlackH
Texoma Maiden BlackH
Willow Creek Fern BlackH Twainland Abraham BlackH
Emerald Buttercup BlackH
Phantom Clover BlackH Chinook of Green Valley BlackH Rocky Sunlines BlackH
Dark Flower BlackH
Parkridge Ellie BlackH Emerald Jacob BlackH
Shanna's Shadow BlackH
Jubilee Farms Hersey DunHA
Prairie Meadows Brutus BlackH Jamie O'Callen BlackH Mertwis Howard BlackH Peerless Pirate BlackH
Peerless Tar Baby BlackH
Malach's Bridget BlackH Parndon Bullfinch BlackH
Malach's Julie BlackH
Twainland Lillie BlackH Nighthawk Charlie BlackH Highland Achilles BlackH
Highland Daffodil BlackH
Victoria Mizzou BlackH Shome Victor BlackH
Eve O'Callen BlackH
Mary of Cherokee Point BlackH Yana of Cherokee Point BlackH Ardee of Green Valley BlackH Shome Victor BlackH
Rocky Brae Bonnie BlackH
Belinda Sunlines BlackH Ivan Von Der Vogelweide BlackH
Talisman Belinda BlackH
Habi Felicia BlackH Prairie Meadows Amos BlackH Prairie Meadows Brutus BlackH
Twainland Molly BlackH
Twainland Number 94 BlackH High Trump BlackH
Twainland Aster BlackH

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