Lithgow Crystl Bodhran

Lithgow Crystl Bodhran

ADCA Reg. No:  11428
Volume:  XXV
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Black
PHA:  Non-carrier
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  09/22/2000
Breeder:  Stephen C. Kaye (#798 / 2000)
Route 1 Box 98
Millbrook, NY
(914) 677-5729
Owner:  Shaun Ann Lord (#938 / 2017)
1468 Rt 39
Forestville, NY
(716) 965-2502
Progeny (3)


Lithgow Crystl Bodhran
Hubbell's HHF Perseus BlackH
Homestead's Abe BlackH Anton of Mt. Carmel Red or DunH Oakleaf Benji BlackH Bruno Hill BlackH
Rosette Jed BlackH
Polly O'Callen BlackH Commander of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Peerless Patty BlackH
Gay of Old Orchard BlackH Malach's Corey O'Callen BlackH Parndon Bullfinch BlackH
Malach's Julie BlackH
Gala of Old Orchard BlackH Johnny O'Callen BlackH
Jane O'Callen BlackH
K-Ro's Thelma Red or DunH Wallace's Emmett Red or DunH Kevin o'Briar Hill BlackH Brian o'Briar Hill BlackH
Trillium Ceilidh BlackH
Colorado Bridget BlackH Colorado Victor BlackH
Lady Debra BlackH
Wallace's Ilona BlackH Kevin o'Briar Hill BlackH Brian o'Briar Hill BlackH
Trillium Ceilidh BlackH
Beving's Leta BlackH Colorado Brian BlackH
Colorado Bridget BlackH
Yellowbird's Shabas BlackH
Peerless Hawkeye BlackH Bruno Hill BlackH Alander Hannibal BlackH Alander Alcan BlackH
Alander Troya BlackH
Alander Ebony BlackH Hill Herman BlackH
Lee's Hill Rosita BlackH
Peerless Alice BlackH Peerless Captain Echo BlackH Peerless Pirate BlackH
Peerless Puddin BlackH
Peerless Puddle BlackH Peerless Perfection II BlackH
Peerless Blossom BlackH
Yellowbird's Maidel BlackH Rock Shawn of Waverly BlackH Country Charm Casey BlackH Jim Dandy of Shady Pine BlackH
Innagain Finnagain BlackH
Victoria of Waverly BlackH Country Charm Casey BlackH
Lonely Squaw BlackH
Kirkland's Krystal BlackH Yorick of Clove Brook BlackH Tory O'Callen BlackH
Termite of Clove Brook BlackH
Kirkland's Goldie BlackH Yorick of Clove Brook BlackH
Lilli of Sundial Farm BlackH

H = Horned, P = Polled
N = Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier, C = Chondrodysplasia Carrier
A = PHA Non-carrier, B = PHA Carrier
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