SP Heidi O' Rosie

SP Heidi O' Rosie

ADCA Reg. No:  026752
Volume:  XXXI
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Red
Chondrodysplasia:  Carrier
PHA:  Non-carrier
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  06/15/2011
Breeder:  Steve Quiram (#6050 / 2018)
SP Farm
20656 Lawrence 1235
Marionville, MO
(417) 258-0450
Owner:  Tom & Karen Wildish (#7653 / 2019)
2165 Cavalry Road
Garland, KS
(620) 223-5597
Progeny (4)


SP Heidi O' Rosie
White-O-Morn Chief RedHA
Rainbow Hills Fireman RedH RFF Fireweed RedH Aviva Zapata BlackH Lucifer of Knotting RedHA
Cranworth Velvet BlackH
Aviva Salome' BlackH Lucifer of Knotting RedHA
Aviva Primadonna BlackH
Rainbow Hills Red Beauty RedH Beerex's Red Baron Brian Red or DunH Don of Beerex BlackH
Ides of Beerex Red or DunH
Willow Creek Ginger BlackH Twainland Abraham BlackH
Willow Creek Angie BlackH
White-O-Morn Aliah BlackH Shanidar Red Achieve RedH Shanidar Dynasty BlackH Cornahir Outlaw RedHNA
Shanidar Yelden BlackH
Shanidar Red Maureenia RedH Lucifer of Knotting RedHA
Shanidar Ms. Melanie BlackH
Rainbow Hills Alana BlackH Rainbow Hills Anton Gold Red or DunH Anton of Mt. Carmel Red or DunH
Shoo Fly Babe BlackH
Morning Glorys Amanda BlackH Warrior o'Briar Hill Red or DunH
Praise Him Adah BlackH
Thomas' BLZ Red Abbe RedHNA
Briarwood Blaze O'Glory RedHNA Cornahir Outlaw RedHNA Cornahir Arroyo BlackH Cornahir Angus Red or DunH
Cornahir Bettony Red or DunH
Cornahir Godetia Red or DunH Cornahir Angus Red or DunH
Cornahir Bergamot Red or DunH
Briarwood Russet Glory RedH Glencara Raven BlackH Lucifer of Knotting RedHA
Little Ladydale 3rd of Knotting BlackH
Lane End Lucifer's Windy BlackH Lucifer of Knotting RedHA
Lockwood Liv BlackH
Thomas' Shmn Bl Abela BlackHN Thomas' Mrlns Red Shaman RedH Thomas' Wizards Merlyn BlackH Lane End Lucifer's Wizard RedH
Thomas' Jack Princess BlackHN
Thomas' Magic Majesty BlackH Mar Nell's Black Magic BlackHCA
Thomas' Magic Meagan BlackH
Thomas' Barons Holy Eve BlackHN Thomas' Prides Red Baron RedHNA Thomas' Magic Pride BlackHNA
Thomas' Magic Red Shobiz RedH
Thomas' Jack Princess BlackHN McKenzie's Timber Lumber Jack BlackH
Thomas' Magic First Lady BlackH

H = Horned, P = Polled
N = Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier, C = Chondrodysplasia Carrier
A = PHA Non-carrier, B = PHA Carrier
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