T-N-T Tipper

T-N-T Tipper

ADCA Reg. No:  022664
Volume:  XXXl
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  Yes
Color: Black
Chondrodysplasia:  Non-carrier
PHA:  Non-carrier
Parentage DNA:  Dam Qualifies
Date of Birth:  04/14/2009
Breeder:  Timothy Wanner (#4519 / 2008)
21732 8 Mile Rd
Reed City, MI
(231) 832-8071
Owner:  John & Kyle Hicks (#11356 / 2018)
5448 NW Hoch Rd
Silver Lake, KS
(913) 530-8465
Progeny (3)

T-N-T Tipper
T-N-T Tipper T-N-T Tipper

T-N-T Tipper
Shamrock Ronan BlackH
Earlona Max RedH Earlona Genesis RedH Cornahir Outlaw RedHNA Cornahir Arroyo BlackH
Cornahir Godetia Red or DunH
Earlona Elsie Par-Ian RedH Fairy Hill Ian BlackH
Woodmagic Parula's Warbler 2nd BlackH
Shanidar Red Gloriana RedH Shanidar Winston BlackH Lucifer of Knotting RedHA
Shanidar Alberta BlackH
Shanidar Mary BlackH Lucifer of Knotting RedHA
Cranworth Linnet BlackH
Bonnie of Green Gables BlackH Shamrock Shillelagh BlackH Callen of Old Orchard BlackH Cranworth Rory BlackH
Hope of Old Orchard BlackH
Twainland Jasmine BlackH Nighthawk Charlie BlackH
Twainland Jewel BlackH
Twainland Canna BlackH Twainland Kale BlackH Highland George BlackH
Highland Maureen BlackH
Bonnie of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH Jimbo of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Vianna of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
SGF Sheena BlackHNA
Carney o'Briar Hill BlackH Martin o'Briar Hill BlackH Brian o'Briar Hill BlackH Jamie O'Callen BlackH
Black Watch Gio BlackH
Cranworth Peggy Sue BlackH Trillium Cluny (2141) BlackHNA
Woodmagic Morillion 3rd BlackH
Trillium Ceilidh BlackH Woodmagic Beaver 2nd DunH Woodmagic Squirrel 2nd DunH
Woodmagic Zephyrs Dunlin Red or DunH
Woodmagic Waxwing BlackH Woodmagic Mink 2nd BlackH
Windward Complex Red or DunH
Charmin o'Briar Hill BlackH Brendan o'Briar Hill BlackH Cranworth Pilgrim Red or DunH Trillium Cluny (2141) BlackHNA
Cranworth Jemima BlackH
Coreen o'Briar Hill BlackH Jamie O'Callen BlackH
Black Watch Gio BlackH
Charlene of High Meadow BlackH Kelly O'Callen BlackH Commander of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Princess Ann BlackH
Alander Hillmaid BlackH Alander Alcan BlackH
Hill Rosie BlackH

H = Horned, P = Polled
N = Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier, C = Chondrodysplasia Carrier
A = PHA Non-carrier, B = PHA Carrier
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