Cozort's Betty Lee

Cozort's Betty Lee

ADCA Reg. No:  021005
Volume:  XXVI
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Black
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  10/21/2007
Breeder:  Betty Cozort (#2479 / 2008)
12711 S. Harvard
Jenks, OK
(918) 366-6711
Owner:  Kerry/Roy Ashton (#5211 / 2013)
Ashton Acres
P O Box 1448
Sapulpa, OK
(918) 227-1307


Cozort's Betty Lee
LC Farms Bel-err BlackHN
SPD SS Sammy RedHN Thomas' BLZ Sandstorm RedH Briarwood Blaze O'Glory RedHNA Cornahir Outlaw RedHNA
Briarwood Russet Glory RedH
Brocks Wilos Red Priday RedH Thomas' Legs Red Willow RedH
Brocks Pride Fully Redd Red or DunH
Thomas' FB Blk Bibidi BlackH Briarwood Fireball RedH Briarwood Alexander RedH
Briarwood Russet Glory RedH
Thomas' Wilo's Cinderela BlackHN Thomas' Legs Red Willow RedH
Thomas' Jack Princess BlackHN
A.A. Ningke DunHA Shome Robert Red or DunH Fairy Hill Peter Red or DunHA Cranworth Pilliwiggin BlackH
Cranworth Tatiana Red or DunH
Ruth O'Mini-Speas Red or DunH Sunset Julius Red or DunH
Ruth Sunlines Red or DunH
Connie Jo BlackH Shome Jesy James' Peare Red or DunH Shome Eric's Jessy's James Red or DunH
Shome Patse Red or DunH
Twainland Pansy BlackH Twainland Aril BlackH
Twainland Downy BlackH
Cozort's Gypsy Lee BlackH
Rebound True Knight BlackH Crackerjack P-Bar Toby BlackH Cranworth Toby BlackH Aldebaran Priapus BlackHB
Woodmagic Missel Cock 2nd BlackH
Zodiac's P-Bar Cookie BlackH Brome Reach Zodiac Red or DunH
Toby's P-Bar Candy BlackH
True Grit Priscilla BlackH SJDH Charlie Small BlackH Holligan o'Briar Hill BlackH
DLA Zelda May BlackH
Siders' Lilly BlackH Donegal of Common Ground BlackH
Siders' Sioux Maiden BlackHN
Rainbow Hills Beauty BlackH Rainbow Hills Super Sam Red or DunH Beerex's Red Baron Brian Red or DunH Don of Beerex BlackH
Ides of Beerex Red or DunH
Willow Creek Ginger BlackH Twainland Abraham BlackH
Willow Creek Angie BlackH
Frosty Acres Le-Ann BlackH Fairy Hill Peter Red or DunHA Cranworth Pilliwiggin BlackH
Cranworth Tatiana Red or DunH
Moorsedge Missy BlackH Con's Mr. D BlackH
Lilliputt Emposa BlackH

H = Horned, P = Polled
N = Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier, C = Chondrodysplasia Carrier
A = PHA Non-carrier, B = PHA Carrier
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