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  1. New members will receive their free membership (for the current year),
    when they register their Dexters.
  2. New members complete all fields. (put 0000 blank for Id#)
  3. Current or former members can put in changes or missing information.
  4. (please use herd number to make sure the changes are made to the correct account)


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If you are a first time member buying cattle, your first membership is free for the present calendar year.
If you are not a current member, You can apply for membership on this form.

Effective of January 1, 2013

Costs of Registrations and Transfers:


  • Cows up to 1 year old                         $20
  • Bulls up to 2 years old                        $20
  • Cows over 1 year old                          $40
  • Bulls over 2 years old                         $40


  • Regular Transfers                               $20 (any age)
  • Steer Transfers                                  $20 (any age)

Note: If animals are registered and transferred at the same time
there is a registry and transfer Fee ($40 total)

The ADCA reserves the right to require DNA testing to confirm the validity of any registration.
Such testing may include but shall not be limited to parentage verification and to color.

Membership Fees:

New members that own or become owners of ADCA registered cattle will receive their first year membership free for that calendar year. These fees will be raised by $10 for 2013 Dues.

Individual member dues $25/35** If paid by January 31 of 2011/2013** 1 Vote
Individual member dues $30/40** If paid after January 31 2011/2013** 1 Vote
Family/Partnership dues $45/55**   2  Votes
Youth Membership dues $30/40**   No Votes
Associate Membership dues $30/40**   No Votes

Pay online with a credit card or Paypal at Membership Payment,

 or you can send a check made payable to the ADCA.

ADCA Rrgistrar
1325 W Sunshine #519
Springfield, MO 65807


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American Dexter Cattle Association

1325 W Sunshine #519
Springfield, MO 65807


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