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2008 has been a year of unprecedented growth. In November we have nearly 1150 current members and over 1400 animal Registrations. In trying to publish a herd book and cut out much of the information, which should be in the Members Handbook, I still have over about 250 pages. Last year it was large and It contained 160 pages.

Here is the problem for the last several years we have been losing money, by not knowing how many to print and the costs of printing and mailing have continued to increase. Larger orders are cheaper to print, but we have boxes of unsold yearbooks from the years past. Even if we sold all we printed we lose from $5 to $10 on each one.

I know some will want a printed herd book, and I can wait for orders, then print, but the information gets outdated.

If I print too few, there will be frustration and If print too many, there is a waste. (I still have several boxes of 2006 and 2007 books stored in my home. The cost to print and mail the basic herd book will be at least $20.

We have decided to print 100 herd books and charge $20 each. If there is a demand for more printed copies, I will do another printing another printing

American Kerry and Dexter Cattle Club - Herd Book Volume 1

ADCA 2008 Herd Book

Herd Book
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Table of Contents

Registration of Bulls

Registration of Cows

Animal Transfer

Current Members Herd listings

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