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ADCA Grooming and Showmanship Standards
(Rules are only in effect at ADCA sanctioned shows)
July 2007

Following the 2006 AGM in Springfield, Missouri, it was decided that a committee would be formed to review the grooming and showmanship standards that had been in place since 2005.

The committee members were: Rick Seydel (Chairman), Pam Malcuit, Marvin Johnson, Mary Young, Gene Pittman, Wendy Fultz, John Foley, Dick Clark, Joanie Storck, and Roberta Wieringa.

The committee discussed their views and then a survey was prepared that covered a wide variety of grooming and showmanship topics. The survey was sent to 71 members of the ADCA that have shown cattle in various ADCA sanctioned shows since 2003. The topic that was most controversial was body clipping. There seemed to be a wide variety of opinions on what should or should not be allowed. (To help clear up some confusion, clipping is defined as trimming the hair all the same length with either a scissors or trimmers. Whereas, fitting is sculpting and shaping the coat with trimmers and using adhesive, sprays, etc to help shape the coat.)

The results were presented to the Board of Directors and members in attendance at the 2007 AGM held in Grand Junction, Colorado in June.

It was not the intention of the committee to discourage anyone from showing their animal. However, to make this breed appear more professional in the show ring, we wanted to try to set some guidelines that would allow us to present our animals in the best possible way. Our goal is to have a DVD in the future that members can purchase that will help explain and demonstrate how to groom an animal from start to finish.

The new Show and Grooming Guidelines go into effect immediately and they are a work in progress.

The Revised ADCA Show and Grooming Guidelines are:

A. Entry fees and/or commissions will be established by the Show and Sale Committee and published in advance.

B. Exhibitors are encouraged to present their cattle in a professional manner that will show the pride the owner has in their animals and in the breed. All animals must be at a minimum, washed and brushed.

C. The same grooming guidelines will apply to the AGM Video Show.

D. Grooming is left up to the discretion of the owner as long as they abide by the items that are prohibited. - see below

E. The Showmanship attire - see below

Prohibited Grooming Items:

  1. Painting or polishing of horns or hooves with colored polish
  2. Artificial coat coloring
  3. Growth implants
  4. Drugs to alter the disposition of the animal
  5. Total body fitting - which includes sculpting of the hair when clipping and then using adhesives, wax, or mousse to shape the coat to hide animal flaws.

The following will be required and enforced in the show ring for anyone presenting cattle:

  1. Collared/buttoned shirts with sleeves (length of the sleeves is determined by the season/weather)
  2. Long pants (jeans or slacks) that are dark and don't have tears or holes.
  3. Boots or fully enclosed heavy footwear must be worn for safety reasons.
  4. Long hair must be tucked in a hat or tied back, also for safety reasons.
    Optional: Belt, western hats, gloves or the use of show sticks and combs.
    Prohibited items: Baseball caps, T-shirts or crop top shirts that leave the midriff skin showing, sandals or canvas shoes (for safety reasons), overalls or baggy, low riding pants that drag on the ground (again, for safety reasons).

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