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Registering Your Dexter With the ADCA


  1. All bulls must have a genotype test on file with the ADCA to be registered. If you are registering a calve, whether the calve is a heifer or bull, the sire must have a genotype on file with the ADCA, If you are registering a bull calve, his sire must have a genotype on file with the ADCA, the bull calve must also have a his own genotype results on file with the ADCA.
  2. When registering bull calves, geno lab results must be included with registration.
  3. All Dexter's born on or after Jan 1 2010 must have their sire's genotype on file with the ADCA to qualify for registration. Registrations submitted with dam and/or sire not in the ADCA registry may be printed with only the name and number of their registry.
  4. All Registered calves must pay a registration fee and a transfer fee even if sold with the dam.
  5. If the dam and/or sire are registered in another registry, you must send a copy of their certificate.
  6. Your Dexter must have a Tattoo number to be Registered. (The letter for 2012 is Z )  (The letter for 2013 is A).
  7. Online Registrations - When submitting an online registration, you must also submit an online payment.
  8. Mail Form Registrations - When sending a registration form by US Mail, you must also include full payment.
  9. Please Note: Incomplete registration forms or applications will not be processed.

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