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Callicrate Bander: A Removal System for Mature Horns
by Diane Mills-Frank

The Callicrate smart bander has been used successfully by producers to dehorn cattle of various sizes and ages. First, I suggest contacting your veterinarian to ask about his or her experience with and knowledge of a band system. A veterinarian must be present at the time of the banding procedure in case of shock or rage. A tetanus toxoid must be used.

They suggest that you use safety glasses. Adequately restrain the head of the animal to make application easier and safer. You may want to clip the hairline at the base of each horn. The procedure involves inserting the end of the loop with the clip (seam side up) into the nose of the bander. Reach across the top of the animal’s head and place the loop over the horn farthest from you. Pull the bander and loop toward you. This will keep the loop close to the head and in the hairline at the horn base. Tighten the loop until the tension peg on the bander touches the back of the back of the slot. Press the crimping lever until it will go no farther. Cut the loop as close to the spool as possible using the Callicrate cutter. Use duct tape over the top of the band to keep it from rolling up. Repeat with a second loop on the same horn, and wrap duct tape over booth bands. Then repeat the procedure on the other horn.

Expect the horns to fall off in 20 to 30 days for small to medium-sized horns. Horns with large bases could take up to 50 days.
Ligation allows the horns to drop slowly, giving the holes at the base of the horn time to fill with tissue and thus leave no open hole into the sinus. Flies and maggots are not a problem, and dirt and debris cannot get into the sinus, reducing chances of infection.
I strongly suggest the animal be observed closely for the first hour.
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The Callicrate Bander


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